Monday, 20 January 2014

Mock 11+ exams in Torquay.

Sitting formal mock exams helps children to be more confident when they sit the real tests and we strongly recommend it.

Our series of mock 11+ exams start on 15 March 2014. These have been written with the sole aim of helping children to prepare for the Torbay 11+ exams. Our exams follow the format and type of questions that occur in the real tests. They reflect the standard of the real exams and children will find them challenging.

Other 11+ practice papers will not give you the same preparation. The VR tests published by GL are by their own admission for familiarisation only and are designed to be easier than the actual tests. They are useful but you need something harder as well. The actual maths and english tests are written locally by the schools themselves and are not published. There are published past papers from schools in other areas of the country but these are different in format and content from the local ones and are therefore of limited use.

What ever mock exams you use make sure they are written specifically for the Torbay 11+. Beware of past papers from other parts of the country and nationally published practice papers.

For more information contact Kate at Torbay Tutors on 01803 321283.